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Since the schools have closed have you noticed, as usual, how much quieter the roads are? However with the summer come staff holidays and fewer staff means more interruptions when you are trying to focus. Where am I leading with this? In the summer months there are advantages and disadvantages*. For some the arrival of thousands of Overseas’ students who will want to settle before the start of the Academic Year is definitely an advantage.


This is the time for showing hospitality and friendship to individuals and families who are disadvantaged by being unsettled and learning to cope outside their normal culture. This is often a time the perennial question, ‘Is there more to life than is found in my culture, faith and current life experience?’ begins to be asked. There are many agencies and churches with programmes to come alongside and assist newcomers, from UCCF and Friends International to individual churches with ‘International Friends’ programmes. These can cater for young single students as well as spouses and families of married students in Post Graduate programmes. Gatherings which give space for people just to meet and chat over tea or coffee, offer a safe play area for toddlers and children, or introductory and survival English up to teaching local customs can be of great benefit.


I have often been asked what kind of materials would be suitable to leave around such meeting places, and I would like to list just a few which you may find beneficial for your own or local church use. Primarily the list is made up of small leaflets and booklets. Nothing to heavy – but just an introduction to the Christian faith. These are often available in a wide selection of languages – wherever possible the same leaflet in each language.


What is a Christian?

Jesus in the Bible

The Christian View of the Bible

Why did Jesus Come?

Jesus: An Introduction

In Search of Truth?

Beliefs and Practices of Christians

Sure of Going to Paradise?

New Testament Gospels


Meeting specific needs can also be catered for – so please feel free to contact me with individual requests.



 *summer promotions to keep customers’ regular business for non-summer products/services

lull before the storm of autumn price hikes

servicing in preparation for winter

the uncertainty of the British weather.